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New Client Special Offer

Reserve Your $1 New Client ”Nose to Tail”

Veterinary Exam ($37.95 Value)

Limited spots available…and they fill quickly! Call (305) 255-7838 to reserve your $1 New Client Exam …

Dear Fellow Pet Parent,

What is the single most important thing you can do for your wonderful pet?

Love, food, walks, cuddles..all good, but the #1 thing you must do…NOW… is find an outstanding veterinarian! (…and it is not easy!)

Skip the unknown and pay only $1 For Your New Client “Nose to Tail” Exam…

To make this as easy as possible for you, your first time exam will only cost $1 (we pay the rest!) so that you can come in, meet our “Pet Crazy” staff, and see if this is the care team that you trust and connect with.

Choosing a fantastic pet clinic is no easy task…

And so that you can make this decision with confidence, not only will you receive a $1 New Client Exam but if you end up feeling that we are not an absolutely perfect fit, we will also transfer your pet’s medical record to another animal hospital AT NO CHARGE.

This could be the most important ONE DOLLAR you ever spend… HOWEVER…

Our veterinarians are some of the most popular and in demand vets in the Pinecrest & South Miami, FL area, and while they feel passionately about the $1 New Client “Nose to Tail” Exam, they only have limited spots available…otherwise they would get OVERWHELMED!

Reserve Your $1 New Client “Nose to Tail” Exam As Soon As You Read This Note…

Make sure you call (305) 255-7838 and speak to us to reserve your $1 New Client Exam, as these limited coupons are snapped up extremely quickly! You won’t want to miss out on an opportunity that could change your pet’s life forever…and for the better!…so make one of those coupons yours!

IF You Get One of the Limited $1 New Client Exams…

You and your little guy or gal will get to:

  • Meet the South Miami Vets & Pets “Pet Crazy” team (and all the treats that come with it!)
  • Receive a full “Nose to Tail” physical exam
  • Determine the current vaccine status of your pet
  • Create a step by step healthy pet plan so you know what to expect as your pet ages
  • Ask all of those questions you would love to know
  • And much much more…

Don’t Miss This Limited $1 New Client Opportunity…

To receive your full New Client Veterinary Exam for only ONE SINGLE DOLLAR, call (305) 255-7838 to see if there are any appointment spots available and be sure to reference W1 to qualify!

We are excited to meet you and your furry family member!

The “Pet Crazy” team at South Miami Vets & Pets

P.S. Check out what some of the other pet parents are saying about us, and you’ll see why we are so popular in the Pinecrest & South Miami, FL pet community!

What other pet owners are saying about South Miami Vets & Pets…

by Eva R. via yelp 2017-03-08

I needed to find a vet that I could trust with my cats and dogs. I love my pets so much and searching for a vet reminded me of when I was searching for my...

by Nicole S. via yelp 2017-01-25

I feel like I hit the lotto finding this place. Dr. Diaz is EXTRAORDINARY!! Wow. If you love your pets, like I love mine, this is the only place to go. I...


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