As the holidays approach, many people like to get cute seasonal pictures of their pets. While our furry friends are all quite adorable, they don’t always cooperate when getting their photos taken. Here, a South Miami, FL vet offers some great tips on taking holiday pet pictures.

Time It Right

If possible, schedule your furry pal’s photo session at dawn or dusk. At these times, the sunlight has a beautiful golden glow that can make for some really great shots. This applies to indoor pets as well as dogs: you can get cute pictures of cats, bunnies, and other little animals in front of windows, or in well-lit areas.


Don’t be afraid to use props. Consider putting a bow on your kitty’s head, or staging a photo of your Guinea pig in front of a tiny Santa sleigh. And Fido always looks adorable with doggy reindeer antlers. Just supervise your furball closely on the set: you don’t want your four-legged buddy eating or playing with their props. Also, never force your pet to wear or pose with props if your animal companion seems uncomfortable. Safety first!


Try snapping pictures from floor-level, so you are eye-to-eye with your pet. This angle can make for really cute photos!


If your pet has a talent for looking away just before you snap a photo, grab a squeaky toy. The sound may keep your furry buddy’s attention long enough for you to get the shot.


Choose a setting that contrasts your pet’s coat. For instance, if your four-legged friend has dark fur, use a pale background. A Christmas tree can make a great background!

Pocket Pets

If you have a gerbil, mouse, hamster, or Guinea pig, you may need to try a few different tactics. When snapping pics of your tiny buddy inside their cage, shoot at an angle. This can help reduce glare. Also, try using the macro setting instead of the zoom feature.


Get some cute shots of your four-legged pal just being themselves. You might get a great picture of Fluffy napping in the sun or meowing at you. Pocket pets often look adorable when they are eating. And Fido is super cute when he’s playing or begging!

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