Of course, grooming your canine companion is the best way to help them look their absolute best. Did you know that regular grooming also provides much more? Here, your South Miami, FL vet tells you about five great reasons to groom your pooch.

It Improves Skin Health

Daily brushing and the occasional bath do wonders for keeping your pet’s skin free of dirt and grime, thereby keeping it healthy. Additionally, brushing will help to smooth out tangles and prevent mats, which can painfully tug the skin underneath. Dogs who are allowed to become extremely matted may even have trouble walking! Ask your vet to recommend a great brush and shampoo option for your dog.

It Moisturizes the Fur

Fur health is another great reason to groom your dog. Brushing your pooch spreads essential skin oils through the coat, moisturizing it naturally. The skin and fur won’t dry out, and shedding is even lessened as a result. Plus, your dog’s coat will gain a healthy shine! Most dogs will benefit from daily brushing, but check with your veterinarian for advice on an exact schedule.

It Helps Control Allergies

If you or other members of your family suffer from allergies to the dog, grooming is likely going to be a big part of the solution. Not only will brushing and bathing keep dander to a minimum, it will remove any pollen, dirt, or other allergy-causing material from your dog’s coat, preventing these substances from winding up all over your home and causing reactions. Try combining a regular grooming routine with other allergy control methods, such as air filters. You’ll be surprised at the results!

It Doubles as a Checkup

Use your daily grooming session as an opportunity to check over your dog’s body and skin. Run your hands along your dog gently, checking for any lumps, bumps, abrasions, lacerations, or anything else that seems out of place. If you find anything, let your veterinarian know right away. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

It Provides Bonding Time

Don’t forget that grooming provides great bonding time between you and your canine companion. The relationship you have with your dog is extremely important—it might be one of the most loving connections you ever know! Strengthen your bond through regular grooming.

Do you need help with your dog’s grooming routine? We’re here to help! Give your South Miami, FL veterinarian a call today.