It’s not uncommon for our feline friends to avoid using their litter box properly. In fact, about one out of every 10 cats will develop some sort of litter-box aversion in their lifetime! If your cat seems to be avoiding her bathroom lately, it’s time to act. Learn more here from a South Miami, FL vet.

Box Cleanliness

Much like us, cats prefer using a restroom that’s clean. If you don’t scoop out Fluffy’s litter often enough, she may choose to do her business elsewhere! Give your cat’s box a thorough scooping once per day, adding a small amount of fresh litter afterwards to replace that which you’ve removed, and change out the litter entirely about once a week. This will ensure that your cat’s bathroom stays clean and fresh, enticing her to use it whenever she has to go.

Box Location

Where your cat’s litter box is located is very important, as our feline friends can be picky about this sort of thing. Your cat has no desire to do her business in a crowded, noisy place with a lot of human or pet traffic; it’s important that you place the box in a quiet, out-of-the-way locale where your pet won’t be disturbed. Also make sure that no physical obstacles, such as a swinging screen door, stand in your cat’s way of accessing her bathroom. In most homes, a basement, bathroom, or quiet laundry room works well.

Litter Choice

Not all cats are the same when it comes to litter. Different cats might have different preferences, and it may be necessary to do a little experimenting. There is a wide variety of litter out there: scented vs. non-scented, clumping and non-clumping, various grain sizes, etc. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a type and brand of litter if you’re having trouble.

Proximity to Food

The expression about not wanting to use the bathroom where you eat also applies to our cats. Cats have been known to refuse their food and water, or shun the litter box, if the areas are placed too close together. Be sure that Fluffy’s dinner dish and bathroom box are separated.

If you still can’t get your cat to use her litter box, set up an appointment at your South Miami, FL veterinarian’s office to make sure a medical issue isn’t complicating the matter. We’re here to help with all of your pet-care needs!